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T-Shirt Men (S-XXXL)


100 SEK  / 10€

50 SEK / 6€

First Revival Patches


Do you like our music and want to support a hard working band?

Now you have the opportunity to pre-order our new T-shirts for only 100Sek / 10 €. When you pre-order a T-shirt, you help us develop our music carrier, plus you get a sick looking shirt as well!

We will run this campaign until 30 / 6-2020.

To pre-order this new merch you do the following:

- send an email to

- desired size and number of T-shirts

- you will also receive further information on dates (when the shirt will land in your mailbox) and payment details.

Thank you to those who choose to support us, it means a lot!

T-Shirt Women (XS-XXXL)


100 SEK  / 10€

First Revival Stickers

5 SEK / 0,6€

Order information


Let's see here, you want some of the hottest merch by the dirtiest,heaviest, loudest and ugliest heavy  metal band this side of the polar circle.

Of course you do.

Well my friend, look no further.

Because we got what you need

Someting soft to pull over your head

Someting sticky to take care of the next person claimimg that modern metal is better than heavy metal.

And of course, some real music to punish the ears of the infidels.


Whatever you need, we have it


To order then.

Pick your favourite products and specify them in the box below

If you order a shirt, we need to know the size of said shirt.

We need to know how many of each you want, so don't forget quantity.

And finally, we need to know how it should be shipped to you.

Be it by raven, bottle, eagle, postnord or pigeon.

We are not mind readers, well... not all of us.

We mortals need an adress to ship to and your preferred means of transportation

Remember that the cost for packing and shipping will be adden to the cost of the order.


Packing and shipping prices are between 39 SEK (3,79€)  to 79 SEK (7,68 €)

Depends on which products you are buying, and which package we will need. HERE you cand find the prices for the packaging and shipping we use.



And a warm, hearthly thank you to all who wants to support us!


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